Workshop: Applications, Innovation & Benefits of Drip Irrigation

On Wednesday, January the 17th, 2018, Palaplast, conducted a workshop on Applications, Innovation and Benefits of drip irrigation in the area of ​​Komotini,Greece.

Main objective of the workshop was to highlight the problems in agricultural crops of the region and to propose solutions that lead both to improving cultivation and to saving water.

Komotini and in general Thrace, is one of the main rural areas with crops such as cotton and horticulture, making installation and use of drip irrigation systems in the area to be considered not only ideal but a necessity.

Using the self-compensating dripline Paladrip-FC or a self –compensating dripper AGRAS – SC/ND”, “AXIOS – SC is the ideal solution for fields with sloped surfaces and large run lengths.

However, a major problem in the area is the quality of water (brackish waters), causing clogging to irrigation networks. During the workshop, we proposed solutions with the use of filtration systems and with emphasis on the need of filters according to the irrigation system of the cultivation.

Furthermore, we introduced Palaplast´s new embodied dripper the “Palaplast XL16mm 2l/h & 4l/h and 20mm 2l/h & 4l/h respectively, considered due to the special formation and size of the meander suitable for overburdened waters, such as those found in Komotini.