Vision and Principles

The evolution in business and the natural environment are running and changes are all the more frequent.

To continue our upward trend, we recognize the need to discern and adapt quickly to changing trends to be able to manage them successfully.

Ally to all this is years of experience in connection with new and fresh ideas that we aim daily to put into practice.

Our Principles

  • We produce products always keeping in mind the assurance of quality.
  • We ensure the best service and the prompt satisfaction of our customers.
  • We cultivate relationships of trust and mutual respect with our partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Recognizing that our people are the heart of our company we create and invest for a better working environment.
  • We support innovation, openness and creativity.
  • We seek to continually improve our performance and our fruitful development

Our Vision

Every day, we encounter the growing demand for water consumption. Being acutely aware of the major problem of adequacy of one of the most valuable assets to man – water.

In Palaplast we aspire to contribute in the improvement of this situation, through continuous upgrading of management methods of human, financial and natural resources and by adopting the latest in technology.