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Τhe cultivation of agricultural land and the involvement in the growth of plants and gardens is considered a Greek tradition and calling from early years. Palaplast, being a Greek company with extensive experience, offers the best solutions for every irrigation system from artificial rain, drip irrigation and hydroponics.

Palaplast with a team of specialized personnel can provide complete technical support for every irrigation network. Certified with ISO 9001, Palaplast advances with principal objectives being quality, innovation, identifying and satisfying the needs of a dynamic customer base.

The wide range of Palaplast products includes:

  • Pipes: LDPE, HDPE-80, HDPE-100, PVC, Driplines, PVC flexible hose (lay-flats), Garden Hoses, Greenhouse Heating tubes, micro-tubes etc.
  • Fittings: Drippers, Micro-sprinklers, sprinklers, micro-fittings, Lock type, Indented, Compression, Saddles, Butt-fusion, Electrofusion, Filters, Valves, Garden Accessories, Greenhouse and u–PVC.
Water Supply

Palaplast has expanded in the sector of potable water transportation in water supply networks. Identifying the importance of quality assurance and the preservation of potable water, with the advanced technology developed within their industrial facilities, Palaplast has advanced in the production of plastic pipes and fittings for transportation of potable water.

Quality is one of the basic concepts that constitute the culture of Palaplast and accordingly pipes are produced and tested in accordance with International Standards while accompanied by their respective Certificates of Suitability for Drinking Water. Similarly, a wide variety of potable water fittings such as valves, saddles, compression, PPR, butt – fusion and electrofusion fittings, meet all requirements of water supply networks.

Water Supply
Palaplast has also embarked in the dynamically progressive sector of heating with the production of pipes and fittings suitable for conventional and modern heating systems as well as for domestic and industrial networks. Pipes and fittings of polypropylene (PPR) as well as multilayer pipes with oxygen barrier meeting the requirements for heating networks of high demand including application for underfloor heating systems.
Fiber Optic Ducts

An area in which Palaplast has the expertise is the production of pipe for fiber optic networks.

The total production of Palaplast on pipes and fittings for fiber optics include:

  • Pipes: PalaDuct Prime, PalaDuct Micro and Paladuct Combo
  • Fittings: Compression fittings produced from polypropylene (PP), with stabilizers to protect against ultraviolet radiation, durability and mechanical stress. Produced and tested in accordance with International Standards.
Fiber Optic Ducts

A modern form of renewable energy source is geothermal energy. The term geothermal energy is the energy contained in the earth which is so large that it can be considered practically inexhaustible by human action.

Palaplast, with foremost objectives innovation and quality and the awareness of environmental protection contributes with the production of tubes which can be used in any geothermal system.


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